Christening Photographer

The baptism photographer must be a qualified professional who has experience and understanding of the specifics of baptism. It is an important manifestation of faith and an important moment in the life of the child and his family. A good baptism photographer can capture the atmosphere, joy and emotional moments of this event in a way that will create lasting memories.

Baptisms often include rituals, the baptism of the child, expressions of affection from parents and those close to them, and general celebration. A baptism photographer must be able to capture all these elements with respect and sensitivity, without disturbing the ceremony.

Also, the baptism photographer must be good at working in lighting conditions that can be complex, such as churches, as well as dealing with movement and individual availability of faces. A qualified baptism photographer understands these challenges and ensures that the event is captured in the best possible way.

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I document the real moments of your family

In christening photography, things are different every time. Especially at Greek Orthodox christening, the thrill of Grandma and Grandpa are mixed with the joy and enthusiasm of parents. Inside the different traditional Greek churches, the colors alternate. The blue of the sea and the green landscape of the mountain.



Christening Maria

Christening Konstantinos

Christening Aimilia