- Every new work i create, makes me a more real an complete person -

I met photography at the age of 20 when I bought my first camera. A year later, I decided to evolve our relationship, attending a photography school. There I had the chance and the pleasure to meet and learn from some of the best photographers and teachers of my city, Thessaloniki.
Very quickly I discovered my passion for the art of photography, and I realized that this is my very personal way of expressing my feelings and vision.
A milestone in my life was the unique travelling experience in Egypt in 2012, and specifically Mount Sinai. The people I met there and the landscapes I saw and experienced, redefined me as a person and as a photographer. The result of this internal quest was to begin to seek for the moment through the image. That moment, where the deepest feelings reveal the human nature, remaining alive over time.
In wedding and christening photography every time is different. Each time capturing the people, the place, the feelings. I laugh with their joy and cry with their emotions. I would say with confidence that through every job I become a more real and complete person.

Vasilis Moumkas



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